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The church of San Miniato In Calamecca
Italy needs your help immediately!

An imminent disaster

The church of San Miniato has an exceptional heritage, one made of both art and faith but which is now in extreme, fragile conditions.  It is of foremost importance that we urgently work to save this historical landmark to avoid its absolute ruin. Indeed, numerous parts are in critical need of attention:

A large cavernous crack has occurred on the south-west corner of the foundation which has caused an alarming vertical lesion corresponding to where the confessional is encased in the wall with its corresponding window. This has also affected the whole edifice, creating obvious cracks and disruptions in the arcades that subdivide the space.

The whole covering has many problems, from the decay of the wooden beams to the beams on the brick-laying: several beams are rotten and falling apart, creating a danger area because of the infiltration of water. 

From the recessed false ceiling of the two lateral aisles, constructed just after the war with cardboards and curbstones, to the plaster that is separating itself, all contribute to the problems that render this space unusable and heavily weigh down the structure itself, creating yet another danger zone.

The church and its works of art

The actual church goes back to the 1600s and presents a very unusual and spacious floor plan with three naves. One especially is the most valuable, decorated with six altars in stone, confessionals complete with benches in stone and a few paintings made on canvas from the 17th century. The ceiling of the central nave is decorated with painted tile from the 1700s with figures of the apostles and symbols of the sacraments. The canvases and the ceilings were restored in the year 2000, but because of the complex conditions of the edifice they have already suffered extensive damage.

The church is now closed to the public for reasons of safety.  The restoration project is set to go at this point in time. The repairs, urgent and which cannot be postponed, provides for an organic mapping of the entire project which focuses on consolidating the entire foundation (mostly in cement) and of the masonry (with the application of a network of fiberglass), but also with a substitution of the casing that is no longer viable. These repairs, taking into account the difficulty in reaching the church, which sits high a top of the village of Calamecca, with the necessary materials, will cost approximately 450,000 euros.

Fundraising, your help is necessary!

How? By circulating this announcement. Every contribution counts and is precious and deeply appreciated. Any ideas for financial support that could contribute to this endeavor are most welcome!

We trust in your willingness to help. The church made from stone and bricks was constructed with backbreaking work, and made for the men, women, and children of the village and local communities that have the need for a place that brings together the community, creates a safe space for worship and engagement, and ties the past with the present and future.

Many thanks for your consideration and for your help!

From the sponsors: 

Iban: IT76 B076 0113 8000 0104 8046 484 addressed to the Parish of San Miniato in Calamecca.
Bic/Swift code: BPPIITRRXXX

Banco Posta account in the name of: Parrocchia di San Miniato in Calamecca | C.f. 80016250476


Art Bonus: the fiscal facilitation of such an endeavor includes all the necessary work, including professionals as well as foundations with legal and stable organizations in Tuscany, and will benefit from credit given on the IRAP equal to 40% of the amount given. Information can be found at: https://artbonus.toscanait/ the site of the Region of Toscana where one can see the scope of our project.

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